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M and M Forwarding is "Freight in Motion"



The US market provides you not only access to more goods and raw materials to enhance your business profile in Canada, but it also has vast opportunities for you to grow.


Are you purchasing and or importing goods from the US?


Having access to US suppliers can be a critical aspect to growing your business, but, flexibility and expertise is required to capture the cost savings that dealing with US suppliers can provide.


Benefits of the M AND M FORWARDING Order Consolidation Services:

Provide your company with a US business address and US presence

US companies find it easier to deal with “domestic” companies and logistics and frequently have domestic customer price schedules.

Utilize supplier’s free shipping offers, US domestic carrier rates, and transit times.

Direct international shipping rates are all at premium levels but the services provided are not reflected in the fees. Many vendors provide shipping deals, but only on domestic shipments.

Insure that supplier shipments have proper documentation prior to border crossing

Not all suppliers have the ability, discipline or desire to consistently prepare and provide the proper documentation for cross border shipping, but yet it is essential to importation.

Consolidate shipments from multiple suppliers onto a single customs entry

Turn multiple “minimum” brokerage charges and the related expense into one single entry, saving you both money and time.

Utilize a single carrier for cross-border transportation.

All of your goods from many suppliers, being consolidated and cleared together, then delivered to your door - all by the same people. At M AND M FORWARDING, it is in our best interest too to keep your freight in motion.

Results:  Lower landed cost, Lower Canada Customs and Broker Compliance issues, Expedite the receiving process for US purchases

Are you receiving returns from US Customers?


Selling to US retailers and even to the final consumers requires having a Returns infrastructure in place. Whether something was undeliverable, is a return for damage or was mis-ordered by a customer, or are end of season return goods a US processing function is essential.


M AND M FORWARDING’s Order Consolidation Service can assist you with:

Providing a US domestic return address

This simplifies the process for US customers who may be reluctant to even engage with a company’s product that needs to be returned out of the country.

Utilize US Domestic carrier rates and transit times for returns.

Saves you and the customer money and allows flexibility on return goods shipping policies.

Allow for issuing credits, re-ships, and processing new orders based receipt of goods at your US warehouse.

Streamlines the return process for you so quick decisions can be made on the returned goods (dispose of; restock; return to you).

Consolidate multiple returns on the US side of the border and transport on a single customs entry.

Accrue all of the benefits of a single entry versus many.

Results: Lower shipping and customs brokerage costs, Improved customer satisfaction, and Increased order volume



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