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M and M Forwarding is "Freight in Motion"

Typical Problems

When bringing freight into the US, there are a variety of circumstances that can cause a slow down or stoppage of your freight in the cross border process. Because of our knowledge of the process involved we can get shipments through avoiding costly delays and potential fines and penalties that result from doing it incorrectly.

We personally pick your freight up at your door and cross it over the border, so we identify any issues up front and then quickly work with you to resolve those issues so your product arrives at our facility in a timely manner, ready for the next step

If you are selling to or distributing through one or more major US retailers, they have special requirements that must be met on exacting schedules and border delays can be catastrophic for meeting those deadlines.

For packages you are sending to consumers or businesses in the US, there needs to be US based returned package service for undeliverable or returned packages. Otherwise those goods could be difficult, expensive and time consuming to recover as they will not be returned cross border.




How can I be sure my shipments are safe crossing the border and then entering the shipping stream?

M AND M FORWARDING distribution program ensures a timely cross border passage and entry into the shipping stream. Our trucks and drivers pick up your goods from your dock/facility and cross it directly to our facility. We then personally put your customer orders directly into the US shipping stream that fits your and your customer’s needs, whether parcels or LTL shipments. Same day service into shipping streams is available.

How do I improve my odds of complying with major US retailer’s routing requirements and minimizing or potentially eliminating the charge backs that occur?

 As part of the M AND M FORWARDING Distribution service offering we provide a special service we call “Cross and Hold” for your US bound order. This is especially important for Canadian companies, typically manufacturers and distributors, shipping to major US retailers. Due to the complex routing requirements enforced by the retailers with costly “charge backs” penalties, M AND M FORWARDING can lessen that burden by transporting your product cross-border and holding it in our facility until your customers issue a release.

This can also help your company with any space limitations that may cause issues with storage and even production capabilities. With over 100,000 square feet of warehouse, M AND M FORWARDING can provide you with the room to build truckloads of orders, in the US, to be ready when your customer calls for the goods.

M AND M FORWARDING has the experience in working with most of the US Retail networks and we understand the potential problems that can occur. We are here to act as your US distribution center, to correct any issue that may come up and to assure you that your orders are delivered as required.

What do I do with my returns from my US customers?

You will provide your US customer with a US address for returning items to our facility. Once received M AND M FORWARDING will notify you that the goods have arrived and if applicable we will provide you with a RA number. This will allow you to process any credits or reships without actually having the goods at your location. Returns may also be the result of a non-deliverable package (as addressed) as well as shipments refused at time of delivery. This service allows you to process this information and return these goods to sellable inventory in a timely manner. The result is the disposition of the goods can be expedited avoiding costly storage charges.

Major US retailers also require all of their vendors to have a domestic return location for all end of season returned goods as well as damaged and warranty returns. We are equipped to create the customized return service for these customers to balance your information and “disposition of goods” requirements with the cost of handling these returns. This component can be a significant cost of doing business with these major volume retailers and not addressing the returns quickly and properly can eat into profits through additional storage and excess handling. We can discuss various cost options for dealing with these goods.

What if my freight cannot move or needs to stay put for a period of time?

We provide both short term and long term storage options on-site in our 117,000 square foot secure warehouse. There are times when freight needs to wait to be shipped from our facility due to your customer’s Vendor Requirements. We can provide short term space as either part of your service package when these delays are recurring or as an emergency add-on for an unforeseen delay. We also offer very competitive rates for long term storage (over 1 month) if your goods need to set for a longer period of time before being shipped to your customer.



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