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Inventory Management /Fulfillment Survey


• Would your company benefit from having a US domestic distribution center?

• Are you shipping multiple US orders daily or on a weekly basis?

• Would customs clearance delays for packages shipped to US customers compromise your relationships or ability to provide high level, prompt order fulfillment?

• Are  “minimum”  customs clearance costs applied to individual orders making your products less competitive in the US market? Could clearing a larger quantity of your goods help your margin or allow you pricing flexibility with your US business?

• Do you have any of your US orders that are time sensitive? Are there orders that can not be delayed, especially due to border crossing issues?

• Would it help to purchase warehouse space and additional labor on an “as needed” basis? No additional payroll expense, HR issues and commitment to “brick & mortar”?

If you answered yes to any of these questions

please contact our sales team at M AND M FORWARDING to discuss our ideas and solutions.


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