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M and M Forwarding is "Freight in Motion"

Questions to understand the level of consolidation service you need


Are you currently receiving shipments or returns from the US?

Are you using a consolidator or do your supplier ship direct to you?

If Yes – Competitive Approach

If No – Value Added Approach

Do you have a US affiliate or branch office?


Customs Clearance

Border Compliance Issues

What if any are the challenges you currently face with cross-border shipments?

Are your suppliers unable / unwilling to provide customs documents?

Do your shipments lack the proper documentation from the supplier?

Are your supplier documents missing incomplete or missing required detail information?

Do your shipments ever require special handling?

Are there ever times that your shipment requires an inspection, inventory count, or verification prior to customs clearance?

Are your US suppliers able to comply with Canada Customs requirements or does your company take on that responsibility?

Do you have company SOP’s that require shipment tracking at all times?

Would there be value to having the same driver that customs clears your shipment, be the same that delivers your shipment?

Is your current carrier familiar with the US / Canada border crossing procedure?

Does your current carrier have established relationships with your customs broker, (at the Buffalo border crossing)


Volume Information

How often do you receive shipments from the US?




Do you expect US purchase volume to increase?

What types of items are you purchasing / are being returned?

Are your US purchases seasonal?



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